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Birthday Cake Balls with Funfetti Frosting Dip

Simple fact of life: People like to dip at parties. It's usually a chip and dip situation but sometimes the dippin' gets unconventional. Like when the host busts out a plate of birthday cake balls with a side of funfetti frosting dip! These are EASY. The only tricky part is getting your hands on a silicon ball tray And by tricky I mean that you have to spend $9.99 at Lincraft. …

Free Desktop Background: Uh-Uh Honey Bumblebees

I'm sure whatever you've got as your desktop background was really cool in 2017. But it's 2018 now! Give your computer a bit of a refresh with this bee-rilliant desktop background, featuring the immortal words of some woman with a beautiful voice in a Kanye song. How to get it:1. Click through to the high-res, desktop-sized file via the button below2. Right click on the image to save it3…

Adorable Noodle Box Cupcakes

Cupcakes have peaked. They've been the trendiest treat for a good solid decade but I'm calling it - the cupcake industry is ripe for disruption. And I have just the disruption! My Noodle Box cupcakes are the delicious disruption you've been waiting for. It's easy as can be and presents very well at parties. If you decide to whip them up, I'd love to see your snaps! Just tag me at @things…

Gingerbread Man Mince Pies

I'm surrounded by mince pies all season long, but I've never had more than a nibble. I generally don't like them but I thought I might enjoy them more if they were baked in cute shapes! This idea works for all kinds of pie - I made some apple along with the mince. And you don't have to stick with man-shaped; you can go for hearts, stars or whatever your weird heart desires. Gingerbr…