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Pizza Cake (AKA Cake That Looks JUST Like Pizza)

Oh good, another cake that'll confuse your brain and leave you unsure whether it's dinnertime or dessertime. GOOD IS RIGHT! It's pretty cool how this cake looks like a pizza but it's especially cool how yummy it is. It's a light and fluffy vanilla cake base topped with homemade strawberry sauce, creamy white chocolate ganache, little red cake pepperonis, mushroom-shaped pear and tee…

Hot Chocolate Mug Cakes with Ooey-Gooey Marshmallows and Hot Ganache

It's winter in Australia! While I could do without the numb fingertips as I tap away on my computer like Scrooge's assistant Bob Cratchit, I do enjoy the garment layering opportunities the season has to offer. I also enjoy winter food! I bought myself a winter tub of hot chocolate a couple weeks ago and whilst sipping some, I decided to transform hot chocolate into a cake. So here it is!…

DIY Smiley Face Interchangeable Felt Bunting

There can never be too many smiling faces at a party! All the guests will be sporting a big ol' grin on their gobs and this DIY smiley face bunting will make sure the walls are decked with smiles, too.In a bid to reduce waste, not only is this bunting reusable, you can actually slide the smiley faces off and replace with other shapes (I'll release new shapes from time to time right here on th…


There are plenty of cool stickers in the world but I had a good, long, hard think about it and I decided that there could never be TOO MANY cool stickers in the world. So, I went ahead and whipped up this pizza. You can buy some sticker paper for your colour printer and print out some pizzas at home or you can use the file to order stickers of many sizes from somewhere like Vistapri…