How Budgeting Re-Invented Birthdays

Birthdays used to be a free-for-all for my husband and I. For months before the big day, I’d jot down notes about possible presents for him. The gifts would pile up in secret stashes around the house – small things at the bottom of my underwear drawer, big things behind my tall stack of pants and the surplus hidden in the nooks of my office.I love spoiling my favourite people on special days…

International Doughnut Day Cake: Doughnuts on Doughnuts on a Doughnut

I'm quite pleased to have squeezed the word 'doughnut' into the title of this blog post four HOLE times! My SEO is going to be off the charts. I love doughnuts. So much! Which is exactly why I try to do blog posts about them as rarely as possible. With cakes, I can take a couple bites to make sure it's yummy then give the rest away. But with doughnuts, I can't stop myself! I must, and I will,…

Mother's Day Idea: Your Mum's Favourite Biscuit... on a Biscuit!

You can't go buying your mother a packet of biscuits for Mother's Day. But you CAN bake some simple sugar cookies, whip up a quick batch of pink cream cheese frosting and plop her favourite biscuits on top! And, in fact, you should. I made a big batch of these babies and went to town plopping Tim Tams, Kingstons, Oreos and Iced Vovos on top. If you don't already know what your mothe…

Easy Homemade Pop Tarts with Crazy Icing

These days, I find it hard to justify the consumption of real Pop-Tarts. Don't get me wrong... I love them. They're SO good. But their ingredients list is a little offputting and I figure, why mess around with that shiz when you can make your own and enjoy them almost as much? My homemade pop tarts are very easy to make and they taste something like the real thing. Some people might thin…