Desktop Background: The Balloon Family Portrait Gallery

Whatcha got going on in terms of desktop background at the moment? 

If you have anything other than a Balloon Family Portrait Gallery Wall Graphic, you are not optimising your digital environment. 

The Balloons are a beautiful family and they've been kind enough to let us photograph their gallery wall of family photos to share with you. 

Gaze at Adult Balloon #1 posing with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Tear up at the site of Adult Balloon #2 squeezing his two balloon children tightly (but not too tightly - they're balloons!). 

How to get it:
1. Click through to the high-res, desktop-sized file via the button below
2. Right click on the image to save it
3. Go to the file (wherever you saved it), right click on it and select 'set as desktop background'

Things by Bean Balloon Family Portrait Desktop Background

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