DIY Bloody Knife Cover (Instructions + Patterns)

The way I see it, you've got two options with this DIY felt knife cover. 

Instead of hiding the knife, this cover accentuate how scary these things really are by creating the effect of a blood-stained blade. 

This easy homemade knife cover are a great way to jazz up your own utensils or a you can make them as a DIY gift. This bloody knife cover will be very well-received by true crime addicts, murderinos (aka fans of the best podcast ever, My Favorite Murder) or someone that's just plain creepy. 

Get the pretty PDF of instructions and patterns here:

Things by Bean DIY Knife Cover Patterns

DIY Felt Bloody Knife Cover Supplies

what you need:

-1 sheet grey felt and one sheet red felt


-hot glue (if you're going to glue them) or embroidery thread (if you're going to stitch them)

-pencil or gel pen (to trace around the patterns)-thick grey thread or embroidery floss-thick red thread or embroidery floss

-needle with a large eye (embroidery floss is thick)

DIY Felt Bloody Knife Cover Instructions

-print out the patterns from pages 2 of this instruction kit and cut them out

-please note that this is a standard knife size, but if it doesn't fit the knife you have in mind, just hold the blade of your knife against a piece of paper on a hard surface and trace around it; when you cut it out, cut it about 1cm larger than what you traced

-hold your knife pattern to a sheet of grey felt and trace around it with the gel penor pencil

-repeat with the same pattern

-cut out the two identical shapes

-hold your blood dripping pattern to the red sheet of felt and trace around it with the gel pen or pencil

-repeat with the same pattern

-cut out the two identical shapes

-heat up your hot glue gun and carefully glue the red felt "blood" to the ends of each grey felt knife shapes

-thread your needle with grey embroidery thread and stitch the two halves together with small stitches; PLEASE NOTE: only stitch where the grey meets grey, not on the blood parts

-change the thread in your needle to the red thread and stitch around the blood parts

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