DIY Felt Potted Plant Flag to Hold Care Instructions

You know those little information sticks that come with plants? 

They're very useful but they don't look all that nice. You put a lot of effort into picking out stylish pots, you're not about to let some information stick cramp that style! 

These plant flags look cute, oh yes indeed, but they also serve a purpose. You can jot down the care instructions for the plants on a piece of paper, fold it up and tuck it into one of these little flag pouches. 

You can make a mini version of the plant for the front of the flag OR you can chuck a word on there (HI is always a good choice) OR you can just leave it blank for a flag that's a bit more subtle.

Get into this DIY craft for your own home or make a few to give as a gift!

DIY Felt Potted Plant Flag Supplies

  • sheet of felt in whatever colour you like
  • wood skewer
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors          

DIY Felt Potted Plant Flag Instructions

1. Heat up your hot glue gun

2. Cut out a 11x5cm rectangle of felt and any shapes/letters you want on the front of the flag

3. Squeeze out a strip of hot glue right down the middle of the rectangle (this is where the skewer will go)

4. Place the skewer on the strip of hot glue and fold the flag over, using your fingers to make sure the skewer stays in place

5. Squeeze out another two strips of hot glue between the two flag flaps - one strip along the bottom edge and one strip along the side then press the top flap into the bottom flap to seal it (you are now left with a pouch that has its opening at the top of the flag)

6. If you're putting any shapes or letters onto the flag, glue them on now

7. Slip your care instructions into the pouch, stick the flag into the soil of the potted plant and enjoy looking at it every time you walk by!

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