Easy DIY Participation Ribbons Party Favours

Sometimes your best isn't good enough but you shouldn't feel all bad about it. 

These extremely easy participation ribbons will make everyone feel great when you host your next pancake olympics or whatever it is you do to keep the spirit of competition alive amongst your friends. 

Get a PDF of the full instructions and patterns here: 

Things by Bean DIY Funny Participation Ribbons

DIY Participation Ribbon Party Favor Supplies

  • sheets of felt in whatever colours you enjoy
  • 1 safety pin per ribbon
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

DIY Participation Ribbon Party Favor Instructions

1.Print out the patterns from page 2 of this instruction kit and warm up your hot glue gun

2. Cut out the shapes for the ribbon from the pattern - the circle, the fancy circle, the pointed ribbon and the rectangles around the letters (don't worry about cutting out the letters exactly)

3. Pin the circle, fancy circle and pointed ribbon shape patterns to your sheets of felt then cut out around them

4.Repeat until you have all the shapes you'll need for however many ribbons you're making

5. Pin the rectangles of letters to the felt and cut out the letters (it can be tedious but you'll get there!)

6. Hot glue the circles into the fancy circles-hot glue the pointed ribbon pieces onto the back of the fancy circle-hot glue the letters onto the circles

7. Use a safety pin to pin the ribbons to clothes

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