Easy DIY Party Hats with Interchangeable Velcro Shapes

Store-bought party hats are cool but they do lack a certain... customisability. 

Sure, you see some sparkly party hats, polka-dot party hats and rainbow party hats around and they're very special, but I think party hats can be even more special. 

So I came up with these DIY felt party hats, made by hand (each one takes just 10 minutes) and delightfully customisable with little felt shapes that velcro onto the hats! 

This pattern includes six shapes: a lightning bolt, a cat wearing a bow tie, a bow, a slice of pepperoni pizza, a heart and a mystical eye. 

Keep an eye on the blog because I'll release new shape patterns regularly for big holidays or special theme party how-tos.

Get the full instructions and all the patterns here:

Things by Bean DIY Party Hats Instructions and Patterns

Easy DIY Party Hats with Interchangeable Velcro Shapes Supplies

  • 6 sheets of felt (whatever colours you want!) - for the hats
  • Scraps from the 6 sheets for decorations
  • 40cm of embroidery thread per hat
  • 50cm elastic string per hat-velcro (6 stick-on circles or a strip you can cut into 6 small squares)
  • Needle with large eye (large enough for embroidery thread)
  • Scissors-hot glue gun-a pin or two

Easy DIY Party Hats with Interchangeable Velcro Shapes Instructions

1. Print out the patterns from pages 2 and 3 of this instruction kit

2. Cut out the hat pattern (page 2) and pin it to your first sheet of felt then cut out around it

3. Repeat with the other 5 sheets of felt

4. Thread your needle with embroidery thread and tie one of the ends into a knot

5. Fold your first felt cut-out in half and sew the two sides together (see video below and yeah, my thumb bends back really far and it's weird) to create the cone shape; be sure to knot the thread after your last stitch (see second video below)

6. Turn the triangle inside-out and use one blade of your scissors to poke a hole in each side of the hat

7. Thread one end of string through the first hole and tie in a knot; then repeat with the other side; trim the excess string from the knot (see video below)

8. Use hot glue to attach the flatter side of velcro to the hat

9. To make the decorations, cut out the patterns from page 3 and either pin them to the felt scraps or hold them on the felt while you trace around them then cut on the traced line

10. Assemble each decoration to look like the samples shown on the top of this page, using your hot glue gun to make the ones that have multiple pieces

11. Hot glue the fluffier side of the velcro onto the back of each decoration

12. Stay tuned for more decoration patterns for holidays and special themed parties!

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