Party Favour: Candy Noodle Boxes

It's so fun giving friends a sweet little surprise when they have to leave a bangin' party. 

It's kind of like letting them take a bit of the party home with them! 

These noodle boxes are filled with gummy laces, Skittles and Starburst jellies. The laces are a must because they're the noodle imposters; but as for the rest, you can throw whatever you want in there. I couldn't find Swedish fish when I was making them, but they'd be a brilliant addition! Or if you want to achieve a cannibal vibe, go with Sour Patch kids.

Mini noodle boxes work best - I ordered mine from Shindigs and they measure about 7x6cm. Very small and cute!

Candy Noodle Box Party Favor Supplies (per box)

  • 1 mini noodle box (I ordered mine from Shindigs and they measure about 7x6cm)
  • App. ⅓ cup gummy laces / sour string / whatever you want to call it
  • 4-6 pieces of other candy (Skittles, Swedish fish, gummy bears, etc.)
  • A wooden skewer, cut in half (for the chopsticks)

Candy Noodle Box Party Favour Instructions

1. Arrange the gummy noodles in the box
2. Place other candy on top of the noodles
3. Close the noodle box and stick the chopsticks into the side of the box

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